Companies must be conscious of their content’s character count on Facebook

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September 23, 2019, 6:50 AM UTC

They must look to provide value while engaging audiences.

This piece notes that social media marketing is a “numbers game.” A post on Facebook can contain up to 63,206 characters. However, brands, content marketers and writers find that readers lose interest in a post that has over 500 characters or fewer.

The article cites a Buzzsumo survey of over 777 million Facebook posts which revealed that the highest user engagement occurred on posts with a total character count of 0-50. So, brands must try different strategies to know which one delivers content in an engaging way.

Writing short descriptions can be difficult, but businesses must be mindful of the reader’s attention span when exposed to a lot of content. Companies must showcase themselves through visuals, videos and educate audiences on how their product or service can add value.

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