Businesses could consolidate explicitly consented data onto a single platform

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September 23, 2019, 1:53 AM UTC

They must avoid collecting users’ sensitive personal data.

This article states that with data regulations, the legal “loopholes” that companies relied on to run targeted ads and content campaigns are now closed. But “good data” which is accurate, clean, detailed and recent continues to remain essential to businesses.

Moving forward, brands must bring explicitly consented data they have access to onto a single platform. The author also suggests combining subscription and CRM data, or even data gathered from recruitment pages, job searches, online dating services and more. This data is valuable on its own and can help marketers to think beyond cookie data.

For example, brands could use recruitment data for B2B campaigns to target specific professions and decision makers. Entering data alliances can let brands use audience data with more control and transparency than what third-party data providers allow. 

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