Brands should have domain names that are easy to spell and pronounce

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September 23, 2019, 9:42 AM UTC

Using keywords in a brand’s domain name can improve its search engine ranking.

Choosing a powerful domain name can help create a brand’s unique identity. This piece recommends that companies should have domain names that convey a brand’s identity through a short and memorable experience.

Using keywords in the brand’s domain name is an efficient way of telling search engines what the website is about. It also improves the company’s search engine ranking. Domain names could be easy to spell and pronounce in order for them to be remembered by users.

Complicated domain names make it challenging for people to find businesses if they are dependent on “verbal recognition.” Domain extensions such as “.ONLINE”, “.FUN”, or “.STORE” can add meaning to a brand’s domain name and support a brand’s identity. Additionally, it help users understand a business better.

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