Data Management platforms can help serve consistent CX across different channels

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September 20, 2019, 5:18 PM UTC

The use of data management platforms (DMPs) is expected to increase by 64% by 2020.

With the increasingly large amounts of data available to marketers, it has become increasingly complex to craft an efficient strategy. This piece says that efficient use of data management platforms can help companies save on digital spend and increase pipeline per click.

An increasing number of marketers source their data from more than 15 data sources, but just under half of them have a unified view of their data. DMP’s can help identify prospective customers and create personalised content aimed at different audience segments.

DMPs can also use AI not only to create audience segmentation and but also deliver more in-depth insight into their behaviour. Due to its ability to process centralised data, DMPs can further help provide a consistent cross-channel experience for customers.

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