Create landing pages that are inviting, consistent and intuitive

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September 20, 2019, 6:49 AM UTC

Images mustn’t complete with a call-to-action, they must support it.

The role of a website’s landing page is to turn visitors into customers. The author says that while optimising the landing page, brands must pay attention to four key areas. These are offer, form, trust and visual hierarchy. While outlining the “offer”, brands should focus on their headline and call-to-action. The headline should answer their visitors’ question: “What does this product do for me?”

“Forms” should be seamless and based on the offer’s perceived value. Brands can improve the “trust” factor of their landing page through a consistent design flow, relevant trust icons, authentic testimonials and clear privacy policies.

“Visuals” guide the eye to the highest priority section of a page. Therefore, all fonts, colours, copy and imagery must complement each other throughout the landing page, and purchase process.

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