SEO keywords should align with a brand’s unique value proposition

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September 19, 2019, 1:08 AM UTC

Content should target keywords that have a sufficient search volume.

This article argues that a search engine’s opinion of a website can prove to be valuable for a brand. Cyrus Shepard, SEO strategist at Moz says that marketers and communicators miss an opportunity when they create content they “believe” is optimised for search, but is otherwise “lacklustre”.

He suggests brands to optimise their website content for “intent” and “user satisfaction” to improve ranking. Intent means targeting what the user is actually searching for, which will impact the way brands can satisfy consumers. Brands should check if their website ranks for the search terms they target.

Shepard suggests choosing keywords that are in line with a company’s value proposition, brand promise and other market identifiers. Progress of optimisation efforts must be measured by tracking rankings, traffic and conversions.

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