Gen Alpha’s growing purchasing power can guide marketing strategies

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September 19, 2019, 6:28 AM UTC

Influencers could move beyond merely partnering with companies.

This article cites a Wunderman Thompson Commerce report stating that 55% of children between ages six and 16 (Gen Alpha) want to buy products their favourite social media influencers use. But, peers influence Gen Alpha’s purchasing decisions more as 28% of respondents want to purchase something their friends have.

The report hints at a change in the influencer space with an increase in Gen Alpha’s purchasing power that may guide marketing strategies. This reinforces the potentiality of influencers opening their standalone retail operations, which could be both good and bad news for legacy players.

To contextualise, the article points out Amazon having recently opened influencer storefronts on its e-commerce platform. However, “the fickle nature of the influencer sphere” shows that a broad online reach may not always result in actions from followers.

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