57% of people that don’t own smart speakers have security and privacy concerns regarding them

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September 19, 2019, 9:13 AM UTC

Of those that do own them, 58% have similar concerns.

The article cites a Smart Audio Report which revealed that 57% of people owning smart speakers believe hackers could use the product to access home or personal information.  However, 58% of the respondents who do own smart speakers also hold such a belief.

However, 54% of owners trust the manufacturers to keep their information safe. But, data security may be a barrier to purchase for some customers and also create an obstacle in experimentation for existing owners.

Additionally, the percentage of people that agree with not wanting to go back to a life without smart speaker increases over time. Further, customers who have had their device for over two years tend to be fonder of it despite the “pare down on skills and features.”

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