Marketers can use popup teasers to create a better mobile experience for consumers

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September 18, 2019, 2:00 PM UTC

Teasers allow marketers to showcase their products without blocking the mobile screen.

This piece recommends marketers should create a teaser, preferably on the top of the mobile screen. A teaser is less intrusive than a popup and gives consumers a better user experience without intruding ads. But marketers should also ensure that the teaser doesn’t block the mobile screen like a popup. 

Businesses should keep the content of the teaser short yet provide enough value about the offer. While creating popups for both mobile and desktop screens, marketers should limit the copy so that the readers don’t need to scroll.

The author suggests that marketers can begin with a headline and include a brief sentence with a clear CTA. However, they should avoid bullet points and images in the teaser.

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