Brands need to be ready for the changes 5G will bring to mobile advertising

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September 18, 2019, 1:30 PM UTC

Marketers should enhance their existing mobile advertising efforts to leverage the benefits of 5G fully.

This piece says that 5G’s high-speed connectivity can potentially change mobile advertising experiences for consumers. Marketers should brainstorm new ideas to fully utilise the potential of 5G for mobile advertising through interactive ads, health tech and enhanced artificial intelligence.

The 5G internet network will also transform the way consumers interact with mobile apps, services and games. The increased download and upload speeds will allow consumers to consume richer content offerings like VR games and reduced loading times on e-commerce site.

It will also allow internet connectivity with fewer disruptions for ads and will further place mobile devices at the centre of the global economy. The author contends that brands should capitalise on the advent of 5G network to provide enhanced ads with high-quality content in real-time.

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