Reward video ads are beneficial for publishers, players and advertisers

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September 17, 2019, 10:32 AM UTC

Publishers can use these videos to monetise sustainably.

This piece makes the case that rewarded video is preferred by publishers, players and advertisers alike. Where for players the benefit is the reward itself and the increased engagement it encourages, publishers can use reward video as a way to monetise sustainably.

Another benefit for publishers is that reward videos help grow interstitial and banner revenue. Advertisers can use reward videos to acquire high-value players to scale the game. The article cites a Newzoo study which revealed that mobile gamers are more accepting of advertising than non-gamers.

They are also more likely to buy products from ads they enjoy and are more likely to associate advertising with high-quality brands. Marketers must note that there’s often low creative optimisation overhead for rewarded video.

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