Influencer ads are the most emotive and memorable format of advertisements

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September 17, 2019, 8:42 AM UTC

Marketing agency Whaler studied the emotional activity of human brains toward influencer ads.

This piece states that influencer ads evoke more emotional activity and leave a stronger memory than all other forms of advertisement. As compared to TV ads, influencer ads generate 277% more emotional intensity and over 87% memory encoding.

The study also found that human brains showed very-little to little activity while seeing an advertisement on TV. But, it showed high to very-high activity while seeing an influencer advert. The study compared six brand campaigns that compromised of ads on TV, YouTube, Facebook and influencer channels.

Influencer ads were also significantly more emotive and memorable than Facebook ads. Even adverts on YouTube were found to be considerably less emotive and memorable than influencer ads.

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