Effectively utilising LinkedIn ad targeting options can help brands optimise their campaigns

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September 17, 2019, 3:15 PM UTC

Website Retargeting can help brands improve the effectiveness of their ads to matched audiences.

Limiting the targeting criteria for Ads and maintaining the size of target audiences on LinkedIn can provide brands with optimal results on leads and impressions. A target audience of more than 100,000 can help brands match their targeting criteria’s while broadening their ad’s reach. 

Marketers can further utilise matched audiences to target ads to people who have previously visited their websites. Brands can also submit a list of company names and websites on LinkedIn to target their ads to people working in those companies.

To increase the efficiency of ads, marketers should focus on a single campaign. The author contends that creating at least four ad placements for each campaign can help brands test out their best performing ads.

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