E-commerce conversion rates rise marginally to 1.71% in the first half of 2019

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September 17, 2019, 4:22 PM GMT+0

Conversion rates provide a useful benchmark when they are compared across different devices and acquisition channels.

Overall average e-commerce conversion rates have increased to 1.71% in July 2019 from 1.6% in the last year. The United Kingdom had the highest observed conversion rates at 1.8%, while the conversion rates in the United States hovered at around 1.4%.

Despite the rising popularity of mobile phones for e-commerce activities, desktop still sees higher conversion rates. Most people prefer using mobile phones while shopping for fashion products, with mobile phones accounting for 41.32% of retail conversions and 30.15% of travel sales.

The piece also reports that an average of 11.63% of global web visitors add items to their carts on desktop, 10.21% on mobile and 11.25% on tablets. Travel sector had the highest conversion rate of 2.09%, and the retail sector conversion rate was around 1.7%.

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