Marketers are increasingly using weather data to improve consumer targeting accuracy

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September 16, 2019, 7:42 AM UTC

The relation between consumer buying patterns and weather might sound intuitive, but weather data can enable enhanced targeting.

This piece states that using AI to analyse weather can help marketers get more accurate data about consumer choices and needs. Big companies like Walmart are leveraging weather data to adjust supply routes and staffing requirements.

IBM’s upcoming product next year, Deep Thunder will help retailers understand the impact of weather changes on consumer buying behaviour. The company is also working to integrate its platform with its data to “power everything from weather-targeted ads to logistics coordination.” State Farm Insurance has also observed increased consumer engagement on their ads which provide disaster safety information.

With such data, companies can trigger advertisements when the weather conditions are appropriate. Weather Company’s Petty said that the company can now help customers and clients “make well-informed, educated decisions”.

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