Listening to consumers allows brands to create personalised and authentic engagements

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September 16, 2019, 7:30 AM UTC

Cultivating consumer friendships can help brands build mutually-beneficial relationships.

By listening to conversations that consumers are already having, brands can create authentic and personalised engagements with consumers. Leveraging conversations on social platforms allows brands to make real-time decisions about their content while cultivating a friendship of sorts with their customers.

Brands can further meet their consumer expectations by outlining a full customer journey and analysing their relationship based on their conversations. This piece says that by actively listening to conversations, brands can avoid serving repetitive ads which may not be relevant to consumers anymore.

The author contends that considering the stage of the consumer journey can help brands create the “next-best conversation” and relevant engagement strategies. Brands can use listening tools to create conversations that complement the consumer’s previous purchases instead of targeting ads for the same products.

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