Customer experiences should centre on product quality and technology

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September 16, 2019, 7:32 AM UTC

Using Chipotle’s resurgence as an example, the article illustrates how companies can recalibrate their brand experience.

This article cites a PwC research stating that 65% of buyers reported that a “great experience influenced their decision more than a great ad.” The author recommends purposefully designing brand experiences that resonate with customers.

According to Jeff Cohn, CEO and co-founder of COHN Marketing, retail brands must create customer experiences by evoking feelings that the customer wants to revisit. The author suggests brands to use small data sets as a barometer, as the microdata collection can help in developing smart long-term strategies.

To target the smartphone-savvy youth, brands should work towards maximising their mobile customer experience. In order to expand into a bigger market space, they must identify what their customers truly want and accordingly design experiences that exceed expectations.

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