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“Checkout shoppers” should be shown ads that reactivate their desire to purchase.

This article compares YouTube viewers to traditional in-store shoppers. These are, “window shoppers” who may not want to buy, but are interested, “in-store shoppers” who are actively looking to purchase something relevant, and “checkout shoppers” who are very close to making a purchase.

Identifying viewers’ mind-set and shopping mode is the first step in building YouTube ad Campaigns. Next is determining targeting options. For “window shoppers” on YouTube, use similar audiences to discover a new set of prospective customers. For “in-store shoppers”, keyword, placement and topic targeting are effective. A combination of targeting options like website and video remarketing works best for “checkout shoppers.”

Marketers must tailor ads for each shopping category. “Window shoppers” should be shown attention-based videos, “in-store shoppers” with advice and “checkout shoppers” with action.

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