Retailers should adapt to tech evolution to survive on the high street

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September 13, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

Bridging the gap between online and physical with augmented reality can help retailers deliver immersive consumer experiences.

Innovating and adopting tech can help retailers provide consumers with a streamlined shopping experience and survive on the high street. Tech like AR can help retailers bridge the gap between online and physical shopping stores and provide consumers with immersive experiences.

Brands can follow examples like Nike’s Oxford street store to alert consumers about new products on their smartphones. This piece says that adopting technology can help brands present themselves as modern and tech-savvy, ultimately attracting consumers.

The author contends that brands should meet and exceed consumer expectations by using AR to their advantage, like Zara’s augmented reality mannequins. Retailers like Arcadia in the UK are facing a decline in sales on the high street due to their lack of innovation in catering to customers.

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