Manage robot.txt manually, conduct site audit to improve crawl budget

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September 13, 2019, 7:39 AM UTC

Updating sitemap makes it easier for a bot to know where an internal link leads.

This piece states that crawl budget is an important SEO factor that is often neglected, where crawl budget is a search engine crawler’s frequency of going over pages of a domain. The author suggests how brands could optimise crawl budget to improve SEO performance.

Businesses must manage robots.txt either manually or use an auditor tool. Marketers could use tools such as SE Ranking and Screaming Frog to conduct a website audit. This can help identify HTTP errors that could impact crawl budget.

Brands must use their URLs in a way that informs Google about URL parameters, as individual URLs are indicative of separate pages for crawlers. The author recommends adding URLs to the Google Search Console account.

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