Use AI to identify longitudinal shifts in consumers’ opinion of brands

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September 12, 2019, 2:14 AM UTC

Marketers should use measurable insights as against vanity metrics.

This article argues that for gathering marketing intelligence and forecasting, managers often rely on vanity metrics. Instead of using statistics from vanity metrics as proxies of what marketers want to hear, measure engagement scores to locate the people who naturally engage with a product or service, by purchasing or trying it, or interacting with those who have.

Additionally, use AI-driven topic discovery to identify future trends. Since public opinions are prone to longitudinal shifts, leverage AI to determine how committed consumers are to their points of view and products over time.

Businesses need to make precise sales predictions by calibrating past sales data with past conversations about their products. Hence, they should adopt an “accurate” sales forecasting system that factors in public opinion and highlights which engagements lead to sales.

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