PR agencies can help start-ups connect with their audience better by crafting a compelling story

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September 12, 2019, 9:52 AM UTC

Appropriate media positioning can help start-ups to make an impact on launch.

This piece says educating executives on how PR works can help them better position start-ups in the market for an impactful launch. PR agencies can further inform their clients about the importance of crafting a story to connect with their target audience effectively.

In-depth research into the targeted market sector can help PR professionals position the start-up in the industry effectively. Analysing previous coverage of start-ups and consumer complaints and comments can also help PR professionals develop a “come-to-market” plan for start-ups.

Targeting the right media outlets at the right time can further help agencies guide their start-ups for an effective launch. The author contends that releasing relevant stats and data related to the start-ups can help PR professionals to attract media outlets for the launch.

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