Brands must a choose a trending industry-specific topic to create an infographic about

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September 12, 2019, 1:39 AM UTC

They must study topics and queries related to an area.

This piece suggests how brands could design effective infographics as a part of their content marketing strategy. They must know which topic to create an infographic about, they must pick a trending topic that is relevant to their industry.

Businesses must thoroughly study the topic and, learn which regions in an area are searching for results on that subject. Additionally, study related topics and queries to understand how feasible is a topic. Companies should optimise the infographic for target keywords.

By using free online tools such as Ubersuggest brands can learn the search volume, SEO and paid difficulty and average cost per click. Further, adding call-to-action buttons on the infographic and outside the visual can motivate users to engage with the company and take the desired action.

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