Agencies and brands must do the “little things well” to achieve “great creativity”

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September 12, 2019, 4:27 AM UTC

This involves having a clear action plan and strategy in place.

The author argues that agencies and brands aiming for innovation and “great creativity” must shift their focus from “disrupting the industry” to doing the more fundamental “little things well”. These fundamentals are market research, analytics tagging, insight reporting and tracking standards that define performance.

This requires committing to an intentional focus by taking stock of assets, organising them and defining what they have and what is missing. Next, agencies should create an action plan that provides consistency and is in line with business goals and KPIs.

Parallelly, develop a strategy using content, analytics, media, SEO, and more. This should also include a deeper context on the customer, brand and industry front. Lastly, marketers must closely engage with the plan to measure and tweak the necessary variables.

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