8% of brand conversations around UK companies happen over social media, 68% are face-to-face

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September 12, 2019, 10:18 AM UTC

Sentiments for a brand may vastly differ between online and offline channels.

With regard to word of mouth, a brand’s assumption that online and offline conversations are the same may not be true. A Kantar research cited in this article states that brand conversations across channels have “almost no relationship to one another”.

Matt Dodd, MD Analytics at Kantar says brands should measure full conversations online and offline, its volume, sentiment, who it’s shared with and how influential the speaker is. The study, involving 400 UK brands, found low correlation for weekly averages across all metrics expect volume, where the correlation level was 13.7%.

This discrepancy is because despite having social media accounts, people don’t post regularly, restricting online brand chatter at 8%. Hence, marketers must target those conversation channels that greatly impact purchase decisions.

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