Marketers could use spatial analytics technology to measure visitor behaviour at experiential events

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September 11, 2019, 9:51 AM UTC

Insights gained through this can help brands plan live events better.

With companies increasingly allocating budget for experiential marketing, the author argues that marketers must let go of archaic measurement methods such as manual clickers to measure live experiences. This article suggests using spatial analytics technology to gain richer insights into visitor engagement.

Since spatial analytics includes time and proximity information, with its use, brands have access to reliable, accurate, granular data for decision-making. By analysing data from engagement metrics, businesses can get a sense of their presence’s ability to attract and convert potential customers.

By comparing performance across different sites, locations and experiences, marketers could schedule events better and be better at budget allocation. The information gathered through spatial analytics technology could let marketers tweak space, staffing and schedule for better performance.

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