Brands should be ready to stand their ground when taking a stand on any social or political cause

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September 11, 2019, 11:46 AM UTC

More than a quarter of top marketers believe that brands should take positions on political issues.

This piece argues that if a brand takes stand for a specific cause, it should be both willing and capable of defending its position on the principle. While taking a meaningful stand can upset a group of people, brands should carefully choose the issue and be ready to accept the consequences.

If an organisation takes a stand on important issues, it should also take meaningful action towards it. But they should also consider that their efforts might bring negative responses and exclude certain groups of people. 

The author contends that brands should provide clear guidance and create appropriate formal protocols so that marketers don’t execute campaigns that have “unintended CSR implications.” Marketers should understand their boundaries and avoid operating outside company protocols.

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