The future of digital advertising lies in authenticated web

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September 10, 2019, 11:44 AM UTC

Marketers in the future will have to rely on CRM and not cookie data.     

Programmatic advertising is undergoing changes given the increased focus on privacy by browsers and the “demise” of third-party cookies. “External threats” such as regulators, browsers and platforms are also driving some of these changes.

Speaking at ExchangeWire’s ATS event, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO at S4 Capital observes that most of the agency executives find making data more accessible across their business a challenge. Further, Richard Lloyd, chief data officer at GroupM, a media buying business, notes that informing clients about the inability to reach 30% of the audience is “a major issue”.

However, the “death of the cookie” is giving way to the creation of compliant ways of first-party data sharing. The article notes that the future lies in authenticated web, wherein consented data will be available for advertisers.

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