Brands must first set their content strategy’s KPIs to achieve an expected ROI

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September 10, 2019, 12:56 PM UTC

Key performance indicators (KPIs) helping setting a purpose for the content strategy.

Companies creating a new content strategy or improving an existing one should ensure that the content is data-driven to be successful. This piece explains how brands could use data to create original content, and enhance that content.

Starting with setting up the content strategy’s key performance indicators (KPIs) lets businesses achieve the expected ROI. This helps in establishing the aim of the content strategy, assess its success and failure and help understand the improvements that need to be made. The author advises gathering as much data as possible on their target audience to generate suitable content.

Also suggested is developing an “audience persona” to get a better sense of their audience with the data collected. Brands must acquire insights into the types of content the audience engages with.

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