Brands can repurpose influencer marketing content for paid media

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September 10, 2019, 4:46 PM UTC

Influencer marketing platform Linqia claims using influencer content in paid media outperforms branded content CTR by up to 266%.

This piece says that brands can repurpose their influencer marketing content into paid media, such as display and programmatic advertising. Using authentic influencer sentiment or quotes can help drive better performance than a standard ad copy.

Brands can also drive better performance by including an influencer attribution in their copy.  Showcasing that the content is sourced from a person instead of a large company can help brands to create a stronger link with the consumers.

Showing an influencer using the brand’s products can push the CTR by 50% as compared to using static product shots. Leveraging softer informative language like “Read More” instead of just linking to product pages can also help drive more conversions.

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