B2B content marketers must develop influencer programs based on a strategic and connected approach

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September 10, 2019, 10:37 AM UTC

Creating a nurturing process with influencers can increase brand credibility.

This article states that brands make common mistakes with B2B influencer marketing by emulating the B2C model, which focuses on transactional and “glorified sponsorship” instead of content co-creation. The author recommends designing and implementing influencer programs that cover topics which meet business priorities, search demand and influencer expertise.

Marketers must avoid a disconnected approach towards developing content by building strategic campaigns. They must also refrain from maintaining only transactional relationships with influencers. Focusing on co-creating content with influencers would give them of a sense of ownership. Marketers could set KPIs and metrics from the start to measure progress.

Brands should inculcate a nurturing process to prove their own credibility and trust-worthiness to influencers. This encourages influencers to acknowledge the brand and co-create more interesting B2B content.

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