Mobile-first thinking can help marketers create impactful six-second ads on YouTube

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September 09, 2019, 11:58 AM UTC

With over 1.9 million monthly active users, YouTube videos are watched by 90% of 18-44 years olds in the US. 

This piece recommends that marketers should think mobile-first while building a six-seconds YouTube advert. Marketers can use bright colours and large text to make an impact on people watching videos on their phones with battery saver mode with darker screens and less visibility.

Unlike most social platforms, 95% of videos on YouTube are played with the audio switched on. Each six-second video must contain an active audio component with a catchy sound.

The author suggests marketers should highlight their brand from the beginning of the ad as there is no time for a slow-build scene. Featuring the brand early in the video will help the viewer understand the content as well as increase engagement of the ad.

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