Experience designers should eliminate “garbage components” to improve website accessibility

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September 09, 2019, 4:44 AM UTC

They must avoid baking false assumptions about customers into design systems.

This piece states that customer experience designers are responsible and capable of creating an inclusive design system. The author suggests building design systems that can “bake in an accurate broader understanding” of customers, to ultimately provide accessible experiences.

Designers must “lean into the pain” of people with disabilities to eliminate interface elements that don’t adhere to accessibility guidelines, or “garbage components”. Widespread adoption of design systems can be achieved by “embedding” developers within product teams, addressing stakeholders’ pain points with journey mapping, and educating user experience designers better.

Given design’s ability to cement inequalities, brands must use their power “not to exclude but for good”. Asking new questions like “What will this design sound like?” can enable designers to identify experiences that are not screen-reader-accessible.

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