Backup company names and credit cards can help businesses accidentally caught in Google’s mass-bans

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September 09, 2019, 3:55 PM UTC

While Google is banning various online scammers, numerous legitimate internet businesses are also accidentally penalised. 

This piece recommends organisations, mainly small businesses, that rely heavily on online advertising should keep a backup company name and credit card available. In case, a company is caught up in a Google initiated mass-ban, their backup account can keep the business running. 

Having an alternative account to use and advertise can help smaller businesses to carry on their business if their primary account is unexpectedly blocked. The author also suggests that brands should incorporate SEO tactics instead of relying on a PPC based strategy.  

Implementing SEO can help brands get traffic for free, while also increasing chances of generating revenues with higher profit margins. It can also enhance the long-term value of the website.

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