Streamers in the US spend two hours and 32 minutes viewing broadcast and cable network content

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September 06, 2019, 6:10 AM UTC

They spend 57 minutes viewing content from an internet-connected device.

This article reports findings from a Nielsen May 2019. It noted that on one hand, actual TV usage hasn’t been able to live up to the buzz, on the other hand 56% of adults in the US stream non-linear content to their TVs.

The report further revealed that streamers spend two hours and 32 minutes watching broadcast and cable network content by source and, 57 minutes viewing content through an internet-connected device. In comparison, non-streamers consume four hours and 26 minutes of broadcast and cable.  

Non-streamers here being 50 years old (on average) adults in the US, unexposed to any streaming content on an internet-connected device. Where 90% of adult streamers watch linear cable networks, linear broadcast stations are viewed by 80% adult audience.

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