Retailers need collaborative partnerships to compete with Amazon Day

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September 06, 2019, 11:22 AM UTC

Amazon consumers can now designate a day each week, called "Amazon Day", to get all their parcels delivered together.

This piece states that Amazon Day is a cost-effective, practical and environmentally conscious plan which helps Amazon streamline its deliveries while increasing consumer convenience. To counter this plan, smaller retailers and industry players need to collaborate to stay competitive. 

Retailers operating at a small scale may not get enough orders from a single customer to make group deliveries in one day. But, partnering with other brands can help retailers make pool deliveries. Pool deliveries can ensure full utilisation of space and resources, resulting in an efficient delivery system. 

Blockchain technologies and third-party logistics companies can play a significant role in transforming the delivery system. Companies that fail to adapt to the changing scenario face being left behind. 

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