Publishers and broadcasters should rethink content, platforms and formats to cater to under-35s

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September 06, 2019, 6:59 AM UTC

Podcasts have emerged to become an important news product.

This article cites a Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report which found that youngsters would like traditional media to be more accessible, relevant and entertaining, without news being dumbed down or sensationalised. The study identified podcasts as “a new way to showcase journalism”.

They also act as tools that direct people to news websites. Furthermore, young audiences consume news for progress to stay updated and enjoyment as a means to personal and social motivation.

The report identified “key news moments” that included time dedicated for consuming news, quick updates, time-fillers and news alerts that interrupted other activities. Further, young people want their news experience to feel “as easy and accessible as Netflix or Facebook”, and fit in with their key news consumption moments.

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