Offer giveaways, track conversions from promotional URLs to boost influencer marketing efforts

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September 06, 2019, 2:47 AM UTC

Brand mention by influencers in their videos helps generate buzz.

This article emphasises influencer marketing strategies that brands could use. One suggestion is to use tools to identify influencers. Tracking tools such as Influencer Fee or Pixlee can lead marketers to micro-influencers by tracking conversions from their sponsorships.  

A micro-influencer may already be aligned with a company’s goals, if they’re already seen engaging with a company’s content. The author recommends using custom URL tracking systems to track conversions and traffic being generated from a promotional or sponsored URL.

Influencers can use the products from the giveaways and packages to create unboxing and product review videos. On mentioning the name of the brand or company in the videos, influencers help create buzz, brand exposure and increased sales.  

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