Advertisers can use AI-powered attribution modelling to build higher-performing customer journeys

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September 06, 2019, 6:45 AM UTC

AI lets advertisers unify data, offer personalisation and optimise the marketing mix.

A growth in consumers’ online activities across multiple channels and devices leads to a subsequent increase in customer data. Relying on manual approaches can leave blind spots, hence AI is a necessity in every advertiser’s toolkit.

The author suggests using AI-powered probabilistic identity technology to resolve customer identities across multiple platforms. It identifies when a customer switches between devices to make a purchase, and enables brands to place consistent ads or stop serving an offer across devices.

Additionally, brands can use AI-powered attribution modelling to budget for ad spending, build higher-performing customer journeys, strategically plan a channel mix and identify the most impactful actions. Further, marketers can adopt AI-driven lookalike modelling and new segment discovery to find people with traits similar to their key customer segment.

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