Marketers can use data analytics to fight location-based ad frauds

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September 05, 2019, 9:16 AM UTC

BIA/Kelsey forecasts that location data will be used in upwards of $38 billion of mobile ad spends in the U.S. this year.

This piece recommends marketers should use analytics data generated by the traffic of a specific campaign to detect location-based ad fraud. Marketers can compare the geographic location of the traffic generated with the location data used for targeting ad campaigns.

Marketers should know the full capabilities of demand-side platforms to detect suspicious inventory and guard themselves from location-based ad frauds. Brands should ask DSPs for details on how they fight frauds, including location data frauds.

The author suggests that marketers can reach out to third-party vendors for ad verification before purchasing them from DSPs. Additionally, using resources like GPS instead of IP addresses can help marketers get accurate and precise location data while purchasing ads in a real-time bidding ecosystem.

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