IAB proposes a new “neutral, standardised identifier” to replace cookies

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September 05, 2019, 10:54 AM UTC

Companies can access the identifier only upon consistent compliance with privacy preferences.

This article refers to an IAB post stating that though cookies enable websites to tailor ads and content to each visitor, there is no standardised, centralised mechanism for consumers to express their privacy preferences. The author of the IAB post says that it is due to this “fragmented and privatised” approach that the industry is facing data and privacy crises.

The IAB suggests developing new “standardised privacy settings and consumer controls tied to a neutral, standardised identifier”. Instead of one-off cookies, consumer tracking can be done using a single identifier whose access will be given to companies on consistent compliance with privacy preferences.

Additionally, the IAB proposes these standards be subject to government regulations. Digital media and marketing industries can jointly govern the standards with browser providers.

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