Adopting processes similar to Agile methodologies can steer marketers towards higher-quality content

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September 05, 2019, 6:00 AM UTC

Deploying a faster, efficient content review process leaves time for research, writing and curating.

Content creation often involves clunky processes leading to stale blogs and bland social media copy, whereas rapidly churning content results in a creative burn out. This article recommends adopting processes and ideas that mirror Agile methodologies to produce higher-quality content and manage time effectively.

Marketers can incorporate practices similar to Agile’s User Acceptance Testing in their review process to judge the content quality, use of keywords, internal links and visual elements. The article also suggests streamlining workflow processes by assigning guidelines and expectations for those reviewing and approving the content.

Content teams can harness a CMS tool that aligns with Agile’s principles. Implementing a CMS solution that is adaptive and AI-driven can improve their output without compromising on quality.

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