Sort subscriber list using email-first data to engage users during high-volume periods

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September 04, 2019, 7:05 AM UTC

Email deliverability can also be improved by letting users control the frequency.

This piece makes recommendations on how brands could improve their email deliverability during peak season and high-volume periods. They must refrain from last-minute preparations as at such times, Internet Services Providers (ISPs) face email overloads which often delays them in providing assistance to users.

In terms of using customer data for personalisation and prioritisation, companies could organise their subscriber files from “most engaged” to “least engaged” using email-first data such as “last-open rate” and “click rate.” This helps boost engagement. Additionally, it builds the brand’s reputation as a sender.

Further, provide subscribers with opt-out or opt-down options and let them control email frequency. Letting users control some aspects of email delivery can reduce complaint rates and ease deliverability issues.

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