Brands can glean insights about their marketing campaigns by using data science

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September 04, 2019, 5:22 PM UTC

Utilising data science with machine learning and analytics can help marketers predict consumer behaviour.

Employing data science with algorithms and machine learning principles can help brands measure the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. Brands can further create campaigns based on audience’s preferences by implementing data gathered from machine learning analytics.

SEO tools like Google Analytics can help brands track and measure metrics that have a direct impact on their marketing campaigns. Marketers can further understand their customer’s conversion journey and use data science more efficiently by collaborating with sales and customer support teams.

The author contends that data science can further help marketers spot common consumer trends and patterns through graphs and charts. Brands can further leverage data during an SEO audit to visualise the internal link structure of a site to get insights about their page authority and ranking.

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