Brands can avoid “Ghosting” by aligning their content strategy with audience preferences

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September 04, 2019, 3:48 PM UTC

Identifying the right frequency to post stuff allows marketers to avoid ghosting.

Ghosting, in which content engagement drops, can be avoided by marketers by aligning their content towards their audience’s preferences. To increase traffic to a company’s blogpost, brands should audit their posting frequency and determine the right topics to attract attention.

This piece says that marketers can further increase traffic to websites by reassessing their keyword strategy and fixing technical issues like broken links and missing metadata. Identifying specific pages that aren’t performing well through Google analytics allows brands to better optimise them for SEO.

The author contends that proactively communicating on social media platforms by posting frequently allows brands to increase engagement with the audiences. Marketers can also further send out personalised emails with more creative subject lines, to improve their email click rates.

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