YouTube abbreviates public subscriber counts across the platform’s surfaces

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September 03, 2019, 4:20 AM UTC

This shift could reduce the “implied performance pressure” on creators.

Effective September 2019, YouTube has abbreviated public subscriber counts for all creators with over 1000 subscribers. For example, the count for a channel with 133,017 subscribers will now be condensed to 133K.

This change could negatively impact larger accounts by significantly reducing their public subscriber listings. Brands and niche influencers may not get an accurate sense of their popularity as numbers will be rounded up. This means, a channel with a 120,450,000 subscriber count could see its count condensed to 120M.

While channel owners will have full view of the exact count in their analytics, the shift may result in lost opportunities. The change is aimed at maintaining consistency across YouTube’s public surfaces, to protect creator wellbeing and to reduce performance pressure by alleviating stress around real-time tracking of subscriber counts.

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