Organisations must identify how a CDP platform can address their business needs

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September 03, 2019, 12:30 AM UTC

Brands must educate their teams on the potential value of CDP.

In the article, the author states how brands can evaluate their need for a customer data platform (CDP). The article cites a Gartner report which found that the marketers that were once excited about the potential of CDPs may end up being disappointed.

Brands must determine how a CDP would cater to their business needs. Prior to investing in a CDP platform, they must be confident that it will perform better than their current system. 

Organisations must have all their teams, from IT to marketing, educated on the potential value of a CDP. Brands must choose early adopters within the company that can present “proof points” to other members. Another suggestion made is to identify the KPIs that need to be measured.  

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