Emotionally aligning video ads with contexts can increase return on ad spend by a third

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September 03, 2019, 6:59 AM UTC

Advertisers must think of how ads can keep consumers entertained in video contexts.

A research cited in this article states that the effectiveness of a video campaign relies on the context and platform on which it is consumed. The challenge for advertisers is to identify the best-suited digital contexts and accordingly tailor creatives that leave a meaningful impression.

Advertisers must understand the purpose each platform fulfils for users and advertisers. While Facebook needs attention-grabbing content, image quality and composition have more weightage on Instagram. Further, YouTube attract users with a “mission-based mindset”.  

Site context and ad congruence can drastically boost a campaign’s impact. For instance, happy ads perform well in happy contexts and serious ads in corresponding ones. Brands must also evaluate the publishers and influencers they partner with based on their brand equity.

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