Brands need to process their customer data in-house to gain maximum leverage

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September 03, 2019, 12:16 PM UTC

AI has made it easier to connect dots across marketing stacks. 

With the increase in audience interaction channels, brands have access to a lot of customer data. This piece says that brands need to manage their data in-house for them to stay ahead of their competition. 

Unlike sales and finance data, MarTech data has been traditionally harder had to collate and visualise in an actionable manner. It was primarily to make sense of these data points that brands relied on outside agencies. 

But, with AI allowing disparate data points from various marketing systems to be collated and analysed, brands can design strategies that are backed by data. Brands need to have the tools to manage their marketing efforts without outsourcing. Leveraging their customer data can help in-house marketers getting brands future-ready. 

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