Brands need to build hub pages informed by keywords to build authority

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September 03, 2019, 4:30 PM UTC

Hub pages also make prospects spend more time on the page bumping up SERPs.’

Marketers should undertake effective keyword research to create content that caters to their customer’s needs. This piece recommends that marketers should use learnings from keyword research to build hub pages around their areas of expertise. 

Building Hub pages’ can help brands help establish trust and lead in search results. Collating content can not only answer questions that a prospective customer has but also helps build up authority. Marketers should use the page to link it to other related content, including blog posts, videos and podcasts.  

Marketers should use keywords that are associated with individual product pages and useful content targeted at searchers in various stages of the customer journey. They can also research keywords to be used by utilising Google auto-suggest and customer feedback. 

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